Child Support/Alimony

Child Support/Alimony

Florida Statute 61

In 1994 Florida Statutes created the State Disbursement Unit.  Indian River County has contracted with the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) to collect and disburse all support, alimony, other maintenance and fees through the SDU.

Form A: Family Case Inquiry/Update

Form B: Request for Hearing of Pleading/Motion in Open Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement Case

Direct Deposit Form Non-DORIf you wish to have child support payments deposited electronically into your checking or savings account and you HAVE NOT contracted through the Department of Revenue (DOR) for child support enforcement, you may complete an authorization and request form for Direct Deposit. Follow mailing instructions.
Direct Deposit Form DORIf you have contracted with DOR for enforcement and wish to have child support payments deposited electronically into your checking or savings account instead of receiving your support payments on the Eppi (debit) card you may complete the DOR form to authorize direct deposit.  Follow instructions for mailing.

Was a Payment Made?

     You can access the most recent five (5) payments via you will need your social and your child support case number.
     If your case is a DOR case you should sign up for the Department of Revenue Child Support eServices at    It is convenient, free and secure.
     Should you need a printed payment history it is available at the Clerk's office for $1.00 per page.  Certified copies are an additional $2 per document.

Where Can I Make a Payment?

     If you pay child support, your support payments should be made directly to the State Disbursement Unit at P.O. 8500, Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500.  On each payment include names of both parties, case number, social security number and the county where you were ordered to pay.  You may also make payments on-line at or   Payment can also be paid directly to the courthouse through N-Court, or calling N-Court @ 877-794-0052.  Payments can also be made in person at the Indian River County Courthouse, 2000 16th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL.  We Accept cash, credit or debit cards for support payments.  We do not accept money orders or personal checks.


Modification Of Support PacketThis packet is used to request the change of an existing court order or final judgment regarding the amount of support paid or received for a minor child. Filing fee is $50.00, with summons $60.00
Motion for Contempt PacketUsed to request the Court to enforce an existing order.  There is no filing fee for this motion
Petition to Contest Suspension of License PacketUse this form ONLY if you have received a notice of delinquency and intent to suspend driver's license and/or vehicle registration AND you are filing the petition less than 20 days from the mailing date that appears on the notice.  There is no filing fee
Petition to Reinstate License Packet

Use this form ONLY if your driver's license and/or vehicle registration HAVE ALREADY BEEN SUSPENDED for failure to pay child support.  

Filing fee is $50.00.