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If anyone needs to contact the Indian River County Courthouse please call 772-226-3100.

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We will continue to do our best to share information regarding operational changes as it becomes available to us. Please keep in mind, as this is a very fluid situation, information, business hours, procedures, and policies can change rapidly.

Additionally, you can refer to the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit’s website at for information regarding changes to court operations.


Our North County office will be closed to the public effective Thursday March 19, 2020, our Oceanside office is permanently closed.  We will continue to process cases and have electronic services to assist customers.  Due to recent concerns with the spread of Coronavirus and based on the recommendations for social distancing, I'd like to remind you of the services that we offer online at our website  Any member of the public needing Clerk services related to Domestic Violence, Protective Injunctions, Baker or Marchman Acts should call 772-226-3144 and we will make arrangements to personally assist them.


Executive Order:

All scheduled foreclosure sales are hereby canceled until further order of the Court.

For recording services, we offer electronic filing services.

Additionally, we have a secure drop box at the front entrance to the Courthouse from 8:30am to 4:30pm for court documents or recording customers. 

We highly recommend that if at all possible, citizens take advantage of our various on-line services to prevent having to come to the courthouse and use the drop off box. 

My county financial responsibilities are continuing as normal with the exception that my offices in the County Administration Building will be closed to the public until further notice.  If anyone needs to contact the Courthouse they can call 772-226-3100, the Finance Department they can call 772-226-1516 or 772-226-1207.   Additionally the Clerk to the Board Offices will be closed to the public until further notice.  Anyone needing assistance from that office can call 772-226-1432

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Additionally, you are able to File Court Documents through the ePortal:


Florida Court Courts & Comptrollers (FCCC), The Office of State Court Administrator and the Clerks of Court Operations Corporation today announced the release of a new program that allows any individual who registers to receive alerts of upcoming criminal court events via text or email. The new system, known as E-Notify, allows defendants and any other interested parties to stay informed about upcoming court events. Initially, a pilot project provided alerts on cases filed in three counties – Orange, Okaloosa, and Nassau. The program expands statewide as of January 31, 2020.

Users can go to to sign up for alerts. The program was developed collaboratively by the state’s clerks of court and the state courts system.

“This program is designed to help people remember to show up for their court dates,” said Okaloosa County Clerk JD Peacock II, a member of the workgroup that developed the program. “That’s important for those individuals, but also for the administration of justice.”

E-Notify is designed specifically to fulfill the legislature’s direction to provide alerts to defendants in criminal cases. The system, however, is not limited to defendants and offers a valuable resource to others who may wish to be notified of case events.

“Anyone can use this service. We think members of the public with an interest in cases will find it valuable to make sure they don’t miss any hearings,” said First Judicial Circuit Judge Linda L. Nobles from Pensacola, also a member of the workgroup. “Others, including members of the media, now have a convenient resource as well.”

Similar programs elsewhere have shown the notification system is effective. 

Studies in jurisdictions where electronic alerts have been implemented show significant reductions in “failures to appear,” or instances in which defendants miss their court events. A text-alert program in New York City both reminded defendants of their court appearances but also provided information on the consequence of failing to show up.

Failure to appear for a court event can result in a warrant being issued for the arrest of a defendant. Fewer defendants with missed court dates will reduce negative consequences both for the individuals and associated costs to the justice system.

Users who sign up for the service choose how they will get alerts – by email, text, or both – and timing of the reminders, choosing any combination of 14-day, 7-day, or day-ahead notifications. There is no limit to the number of cases users can sign up to get notifications. E-Notify allows users to manage their alert subscriptions and make changes to cases and frequency.

Sign-Up for eNotify:

eRecording Official Records may also be an option for you. Please contact the Recording Department for information regarding eRecording at either 772-226-3173 or 772-226-3174


As related to Domestic Relations, we will be limiting the number of customers allowed entrance into the Department to two at a time; one of those can be for Domestic Violence, otherwise it will be one at a time.  Other customers will be asked to wait in the hallway until their turn.  To expedite your visit, please make sure all documents requiring notarized signatures have been signed before a notary and that you have a set of copies made after notarization. 

We recommend that Pro Se’ filers (those who are not represented by an attorney) register on the E-portal ( as a Self-Represented Litigant and file their documents electronically, that will save them a trip to the courthouse and it is available 24-7.   If the document requires a notarized signature make sure that is done before submitting.  Filers may choose to mail their paper documents to us at

Indian River Clerk of Court
Domestic Relation Division
Vero Beach, FL 32961. 

Notice of Court Proceedings from Judge Cynthia L. Cox

As related to Passport Division, please contact the clerk's office directly to confirm the status of its operations. 


Request an appointment by completing the Passport Appointment Work Sheet and email to

A complete family will be considered as one customer and will be allowed entrance together.
To expedite your visit, please make sure you have all of your proper paperwork completed if possible and two forms of payment.
You can visit our website for additional information.