Fee Schedule


Marriage Licenses
Florida Residents with Premarital Preparation Course Completion Certificate61.00
Non-Florida Residents or Florida Residents without Premarital Preparation Course Completion Certificate86.00
     *Credit / Debit Card Fee 3.5%


Passport Application Fee:

     16 years of age and older    

     15 years of age and younger



* Make check or money order payable to: U.S. Department of State
   Cash, Credit/Debit Card-Clerks fee, per App35.00*
   *Credit / Debit Card Fee  3.5%


Recording Department
Recording, Indexing, Filing any instrument
     Not more than 14" x 8½", First Page10.00
     Each additional page8.50
Declaration of Domicile, preparing affidavit7.00
Documentary Stamps on Deeds
     per hundred of face value or fraction thereof0.70
Documentary Stamps on Mortgages
     per hundred of face value or fraction thereof0.35
Examining, Certifying and Recording Plats and for Recording Condominium Exhibits
     larger than 14" x 8 1/2"
     First page35.00
     Each additional page19.50
Indexing instruments recorded in the Official Records which contain more than 4 names,
     per additional name1.00
Indexing each entry not recorded1.00
Intangible Tax on Mortgages
     $2.00 per $1000 or fraction thereof0.002
Lis Pendens
     First Page,5.00
      for each additional page,4.00
      per name over 4 (includes the names of all plaintiffs and defendants).1.00
Mechanic's Lien - Recording the Certificate
     First page10.00
     Each additional page8.50
     Issuance of Certificate by Clerk20.00
     Multiple liens, in addition to above, each10.00
Deposit/Bond required as security:
      Amount of Lien plus interest (3 years of legal percentage) plus:
     Court costs, whichever is greater:25% or1,000.00
     Approving Bond10.00
Tax deed sale, processing application of60.00
Disbursement of excess proceeds of tax deed sale
     First $100 or fraction thereof10.00


Miscellaneous Charges
Approving Bond8.50
Attorney, pro hac vice100.00
CD/DVD - per cd/dvd10.00
OnLine eCertifying copies of any instrument in official records9.00
Walk-In eCertifying copies of any instrument in official records9.00
      for Each Additional page1.00
Copying any instrument in public records
     Not more than 14" x 8 1/2" , per page1.00
     Larger than 14" x 8 1/2", per page5.00
Copying any instrument in public records
     by other than photographic process, per page6.00
Exemplified / Authenticated Certificates7.00
Making microfilm copies of any public record
     16 mm 100' microfilm roll42.00
Oath, administering, attesting and sealing, not otherwise provided for3.50
Receiving and disbursing all restitution payments, per payment3.50
Receiving Money into Court Registry:
     First $500.003.0%
     Balance of1.5%
Sealing any court file or expungement of any record42.00
Searching of records, each year's search, per name2.00
Subpoena for a witness, issuing and filing, including
     writing, preparing, signing and sealing7.00
Subpoenas, signing and sealing2.00
Summons, per defendant10.00
Verifying any instrument presented for Certification
     prepared by someone other than Clerk, per page3.50
Writing any paper other than herein specifically mentioned,
     same as for copying, including signing and sealing, per page7.00
Credit/Debt card fee (charged by credit card company).3.5%


Appellate Proceedings
From County Court to Circuit Court281.00
From Circuit Court to District Court
     Payable to Clerk of Circuit Court100.00
     Payable to Fourth District Court300.00
Additional miscellaneous service charges required under Chapter 28 for services rendered in the processing of an appeal will be assessed.


Civil Division
 CIRCUIT COURT Actions in excess of $30,000.00
Civil action, not more than 5 defendants400.00
     for each defendant over 5, per defendant2.50
Cross, Counter, Third Party Claims395.00
Attachment, Replevin and Distress85.00
Foreclosure / Other Real Property 
     $50,000 or less400.00
     $50,001 and less than $250,000905.00
     $250,000 or more1905.00
     $50,000 or less395.00
     $50,001 TO $250,000900.00
     $250,000 or more1900.00
Garnishment, proceedings of85.00
Judicial Sale Fee70.00
Judicial Sales 
     A deposit of 5%, cleared funds, of final bid is required By 3:00 pm the day before the sale
Medical Negligence Cases
     Petition to Extend Time42.00
Receiving Money into Court Registry
     First $500.003.0%
     Balance of1.5%
     Eminent Domain actions, per deposit170.00
Summons Per Defendant10.00
Civil Action more than $8,001.00 but not more than $15,000.00$300.00
Civil Action more than $15,000.00 but not more than $30,000.00$400.00
Cross, Counter, Third Party $8,001.00 to $15,000.00$295.00
Cross, Counter, Third Party $15,001.00 to $30,000.00$395.00
Attachment, Replevin and Distress85.00
Garnishment, proceedings of85.00
Removal of Tenant Action (Eviction)185.00
Removal of Tenant Action (Eviction with Damages)300.00
Claims not more than $1,000 filed w/replevin130.00
     less than $500.0025.00
     more than $500.0050.00
Summons Per Defendant10.00
Small Claims $0.00 - $100.0055.00
Small Claims $101.00 - $500.0080.00
Small Claims  $501.00 - $2,500175.00
Small Claims  $2,501.00 - $5,000.00300.00
Small Claims $5,001.00 - $8,000.00300.00
Cross, Counter, Third Party Claims - $2500 & over295.00
     less than $50025.00
     more than $50050.00
Summons Per Defendant10.00
Opening a case (single petition filing)231.00
Audit Fee - Initial Verified Inventory
     Property Value in Excess of $25,00085.00
Audit Fee - Annual and Final Accounting with value from
     $0 up to and including $25,00020.00
     $25,001 up to and including $100,00085.00
     $100,001 up to and including $500,000170.00
     in excess of $500,001250.00

41.00 +postage

Determination of Incompetency231.00
Disposition of Personal Property (Small Estate) without Administration231.00
Formal Administration, Guardianship, Ancillary, Curatorship, Conservatorship and Trusts400.00
Guardianship Proceedings, Person Only235.00
Notice of Trust41.00
Petition and Order to Admit
     Foreign Wills, Authenticated Copies,
     Exemplified Copies, or Transcript of Record231.00
Summary Administration for Estate,
     valued at less than $1,000235.00
     valued at $1,000 or more345.00
Veteran's Administration Guardianship235.00


Family Services Division
Dissolution of Marriage, Petition for (divorce)408.00
Adoptions / Termination of Parental Rights442.00
All other cases300.00 / 400.00
Baker ActNO FEE
Civil Dissolution Counter Petition403.00
Counter Petition295.00
Injunction for Protection
     Domestic ViolenceNO FEE
     Repeat, Dating, or Sexual ViolenceNO FEE
Marchman ActNO FEE
Petition for Modification of Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage50.00
Clerk Fee on Child Support or Alimony, if applicable:
     4% of support payment - not to exceed5.25
Issuance of Delinquency - plus postage32.00
Issuance of Judgment - plus postage42.00
Payoff Statement25.00
Satisfaction of Judgment17.00


Traffic and Misdemeanor
Moving Boating Infractions95.00
Non-moving Boating Infractions77.00
BUI - Failure to submit to blood test500.00
Moving Violation148.00155.00
Non-moving Violation98.00


Non Moving with Proof of Compliance83.25NA
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)93.00NA
Child Restraint Violation148.00Crop Class only    104.50
Fail to stop for School Bus248.00255.00
Pedestrian or Bicyclist46.50NA
Seat Belt Violation98.00NA
TRF Control Device @ RR188.00195.00
Move over law 316.126(1)(a)148.00155.00
Move over law 316.126(1)(b)118.00125.00
Failure to obey traffic control device246.00253.00
Load Dropping   **Mandatory Court**268.00NA
For speed exceeding the limit by:
     6 - 9 m.p.h.113.00120.00
     10 - 14 m.p.h.188.00195.00
     15 - 19 m.p.h.238.00245.00
     20 - 29 m.p.h.263.00270.00
     30 m.p.h. and over **MANDATORY COURT**NANA
For speed exceeding the limit by:
     1 - 9 m.p.h.138.00145.00
     10 - 14 m.p.h.288.00295.00
     15 - 19 m.p.h.388.00395.00
     20 - 29 m.p.h.438.00445.00
     30 m.p.h. and over **MANDATORY COURT**NANA
 Vehicle DefectFineRepaired w/in 30 Days
    Improper equipment - if corrected (316.610-only)78.00NA
    Dismissal fee with proof10.00 
Construction zone penalties applicable if construction personnel are present or operating equipment on the road or immediately adjacent to road under construction.
*Plus Defensive Driving School Fee (DDS)
Reinstatment of Driver's License, if eligible60.00
*Credit / Debit Card Fee
NOC E-Certify$4.00
Walkin E-Certify$9.00 for 1st page/ $1 for each Additional page
Online E-Certify$9.00 per copy
15 years of age and younger