Florida Statute 742                 Filing Fee $300.00, with Summons $310.00

Form A: Family Case Inquiry/Update

Paternity &
Other Relief Packet

The Paternity Packet is Designed to be Used by a Parent to Determine Paternity and Establish Timesharing and Child Support.
Modification of Support PacketThis packet is used when you are asking the court to change current court ordered child support. Filing fee is $50.00, with summons $60.00
Modification of Parental ResponsibilityThis packet is used to request the change of an existing court order or final judgment regarding residential designation, time sharing and other relief.  Filing fee is $50.00, with summons $60.00
Petition to Permit Relocation PacketUsed to request Order from the Court to move more than fifty (50) miles.  Filing fee is $50.00, with summons $60.00
Motion for Contempt Packet

Used to request the Court to enforce an existing order for support or other.  There is no filing fee for enforcement