Located in Room 224 on the second floor of the Indian River County Courthouse

(772) 770-5185
Extensions 3175 and 3135.

The Recording Department is responsible for creating and maintaining the official records series for Indian River County. It accepts for recordation documents authorized in the Florida Statutes, Chapter 28.222.

The recordation process includes microfilming of the official records as the permanent record series. The permanent records for each Court department are on microfilm from July 1, 1925 through 1983 and the film is available in each department. From 1983 to today the permanent records are on the computer and are available either in individual departments or in the public room where computers are available for research.

The Official Records Series index (10-1-83 to current) may be accessed via this web site.


Effective October 1, 2010, the Clerk’s Office will no longer record death certificates as a part of the probate court record.

Frequently Asked Questions:

**Please note, effective June 1, 2008, Florida Statute 201.022 has been repealed. A DR-219 form will no longer be required upon the recordation of any deed.**

  1. Is it possible for me to look at an actual public record on line?
    Yes, certain Official Records may be viewed from 1983 to the present date.

  2. Is it possible to make a copy of the document from the Internet? Yes.

  3. What is the approximate turn around time for return of documents?
    Documents presented in-person are retunred immediately upon completion otherwise up to 7 days.

  4. Can you notarize a document for me?
    No, employees in the Clerk's office do not have that ability.

  5. Do you prepare documents?
    No, by law we can only accept them for recordation.

  6. What is the latest time someone can file a document each day?
    Documents filed before 4:30 will be recorded on the same day they are filed.

History of Recording and Probate Records in Indian River County

In 1920 the Florida Statutes set our record keeping requirements for the Clerk of the Court as the recorder of deeds.

Record Books were required to be kept in the following series:

        Mortgage and Lien Assignments
        Mortgage and Lien Satisfactions
        A Filing Register of all instruments recorded
        Miscellaneous Books
        Soldier and Sailor's Discharge Books
        Incorporation Books
        Marks and Brand Books

In addition, the Probate Records were grouped with the Recording Department records because of the effect on land titles. These records include:

        Inventories and Appraisements Books
        Lunacy Book
        Probate Orders Book
        Will Record Book
        Miscellaneous Probate Book.

In 1956 all record series were reorganized. A new single series called the Official Records began on January 1, 1957; this series includes all the Record Books.

At the same time the separate Probate Records were merged into one new series, the Probate Record Books.

The Official Records and the Probate Record Books continued until 1978, when all probate records merged into the "Official Records."

Frequently Asked Questions
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   DR-219 Form Requirement
   Effective June 1, 2008, F.S. 201.022 is repealed.

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